Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions:

To release final calculated or adjusted grades in OAKS, follow these eight steps:

1.  Open your course homepage and click on the down arrow next to Grades.

2.  Click Grades.


3.  From the Manage Grades page, click Enter Grades.


4.  Under Final Grades, click on the down arrow next to Final Calculated Grade and select Grade All.


5.  Click the empty checkbox, next to Grade (upper left), to select all students.

6.  Click Release/Unrelease, next to Email, to allow final grades to be released to all students. (Note: If you selected release Final Adjusted Grade in the Setup Wizard, the column will display Final Adjusted Grade, not Final Calculated Grade. The default setting is Final Calculated Grade.)

7.  Click Save.

8.  Click Yes to confirm the changes and exit.