UPDATE: We received notification in March 2015 that Infuse Learning will be shutting down on April 3, 2015. Contact your instructional technologist to discuss alternatives.

Infuse Learning is a straightforward, web-based platform that allows instructors to launch an assortment of assessments – from on-the-fly questions to planned quizzes. Infuse Learning makes it a snap for instructors to gauge student understanding and survey ideas or opinions.

Students can use just about any mobile device or laptop to participate.  To join the online classroom, students simply need to visit student.infuselearning.com and enter the instructor’s Room ID and their name or nickname. Another useful feature is that instructors can easily share links to specific webpages – this will ensure that everyone is literally on the same page.

Question types include multiple choice, free response, drawing, sorting, Likert, and more.


  • real-time formative assessment
  • quizzing and feedback
  • collaboration
  • sharing links with students during class
  • discussion starter
  • surveys
  • opinion polls

Application: No downloads or installation required. Instructor creates a free account at infuselearning.com and students sign in at student.infuselearning.com on their mobile devices.

Tutorial Type: Text-based

Tutorial: Infuse Learning Tutorial