Have you ever attended a meeting or conference and wished you could take notes more efficiently than with your pen and legal pad?  If so, UPAD Lite may be the app you’re looking for!

UPAD Lite is a free app for iOS devices that provides notepaper for handwritten notes (using a finger or stylus) and the ability to annotate on PDFs and images.  The free version of the app is quite robust, offering multiple pen widths and ink colors, a variety of paper (such as Cornell Notes and graph paper), and the ability to organize notes into folders.  While the paid version ($4.99) allows for unlimited notebooks and exporting as PDF, users of the free version are limited to five notebooks and exporting as an image file.  Otherwise, the versions are the same.

UPAD Zoom-In Box

UPAD Export Notes










There are a multitude of note-taking apps, but what sets UPAD Lite apart from the rest are the wrist guard and zoom-in window that allow for more comfortable and precise writing.  Many note taking apps, particularly the free ones, do not have these two features.

Users can export their notes to a variety of cloud-based storage applications, including Google Drive, Dropbox.com, and Evernote.


Application:  UPAD Lite app found on iTunes

Note taking
Annotating diagrams and images
Annotating PDFs
Sketching and drawing

Platform:  For iPad.  Requires iOS 5.0 or later

Price:  Free

Video Overview: http://youtu.be/d2c5sdXu91s



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