Google+ Hangouts allows you to have a text-based, audio, or video chat with up to 10 people at one time.  These Hangouts can be broadcast to the Google world (public) or can be narrowed to one or more of your Google+ Circles.  In addition, they can also be broadcast live and recorded for later viewing by those that couldn’t attend the live session.   In addition, it allows for screensharing, an online whiteboard, collaborative idea maps, realtime collaboration in Google Drive and simultaneous viewing of YouTube videos.  Hangouts can be used for study sessions, office hours, course review, or just chatting with friends.    

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating and participating in a Google+ Hangout


  • small group study sessions
  • test review
  • online office hours
  • online meet and greet
  • chatting with friends or family

Application: Google+ Hangouts

Tutorial Type:  Text-based

Platform: Online, cloud-based

Price: Free