Poll Everywhere is a free, online polling application (a.k.a. audience response system) that allows you to quickly gauge student understanding using their computers, tablets, or cell phones.  The Poll Everywhere educational license purchased by CofC now allows faculty to give quizzes and polls that are not anonymous.  It allows you to give polls that are associated with your students’ names and that can generate a score if desired.


  • reading quizzes
  • polling for concept understanding
  • discussion starter
  • group opinion

Application: Poll Everywhere.com

Text-based Lessons

Name Lesson Description
Getting Started with Poll Everywhere This tutorial demonstrates how to register for an account, create a poll, and view poll results.
Poll Everywhere Educational License This tutorial demonstrates how to have your account associated with the more robust educational license plus discusses the new features available to you.
Student Perspective This tutorial demonstrates how to sign up for an account and take a poll.