Intelligent Agents

The Intelligent Agents tool monitors an org unit to find activity that matches criteria that you set. The criteria that the agents search for are login activity, course activity, and release conditions in OAKS.

Example uses for agents include:

  • Emailing users with grades below a certain level
  • Checking for users that have not logged in within a specific number of days
  • Checking for users that view a specific content topic

Intelligence Agent and Release Conditions  together can be a great way to automate routine activities in a course like sending an email when a student has completed a quiz with a low score. Or a quick email to commend a student on doing well on an essay. Or a number of things that all require that a student has done something. In fact, the biggest limitation of the Intelligent Agents in the past was that it required that a student DO something before the agent could be triggered. This limitation was immediately obvious to many of our faculty who have looked at using the tool. With the update on December 19, 2017, we can now set release conditions and trigger intelligent agents based on a student NOT having done something. Click on Release Conditions below for examples of what can be done as well as  step by step instructions.

Replacement string

A replacement string allows instructors to customize course content and communications in OAKS by incorporating the intended learner’s personalized information, such as their name, automatically. This feature can help instructors build better relationships with learners, increase engagement levels, and improve the overall learning experience.

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Intelligent Agents and Replacement String.

Step by Step Tutorial :  About Intelligent Agents and Replacement String

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