Side by Side is a multiple-window reader/browser with offline reading and note taking capabilities. It turns the iPad into multiple resizable reading devices working in parallel.

You can browse webpages, download files, read documents, or take notes on each split screen.

When reading something on the iPad, e.g. a webpage or a PDF document, you might often need some handy tools on the side, e.g. a dictionary, a notepad, your email inbox, your facebook updates, an IM tool to chat with your friends, or a youtube video with your favorite background music. This app provides you plenty of possible ways to organize your beautiful iPad screen.

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Tutorial Link: Side-by-Side iPad Browser


  • Web browsing
  • Note taking
  • File downloading & viewing
  • Notes sharing via email
  • Reformat webpages into a text only page
  • Sync files and notes through Dropbox
  • Extract pictures from webpages
  • Capture screen shot for a window

Application: Side-by-Side

Software Link:

Tutorial Type:  text-based

Platform: iPad

Price: free