Accessing your CofC Online Drive Space (Wharfside)

Wharfside are servers on campus that allow faculty and staff to save or backup files to a secure space.  All faculty will have a space on one of the two servers. The benefits of putting files on these servers are:

  • the servers are backed up regularly so important documents won’t be lost.
  • if your computer crashes you can always have access to a copy if it’s on Wharfside.
  • you can access these files from any computer on campus, including the classrooms.
  • you may store secure information such as grades on these servers.

Tutorial Links:


    • Back up important college-related files.
    • Store secure or student-related sensitive information such as grades.
    • Access files from multiple places on campus such as your office and the classrooms.

Tutorial Type:  text-based

Platform: Windows and Mac

Price: Free

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