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Classical Archaeology in the early 21st Century: it (more than ever) takes a village.

Several days ago, Dimitri Nakassis posted a question on social media, asking colleagues to chime in on the future of classical archaeology. Many of our responses focused upon such matters as the inequitable expectations of archaeological compared to philological classicists … Continue reading

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AquaTerra on GitHub

Newhard, Levine, and Phebus (2014) presented a LCP model that incorporated both terrestrial and marine costs to assist in exploring the connectivity between places. Developed in ArcGIS ModelBuilder, the initial model was streamlined by Nicola Buescher, Christina Carmack, Caleb Whitaker, Zach Campbell … Continue reading

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“Day of Archaeology”

A few years ago, some individuals in the United Kingdom got together and thought it would be interesting if professional archaeologists, on a single day, would write about what their job entailed.  The ‘Day of Archaeology’ began in 2011 and … Continue reading

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Linear B Archives Project in Full Swing

This post will be a brief introduction to an ongoing project, currently in field data collection.   As announced nearly a year ago, a small team, under the direction of Dimitri Nakassis (Toronto) and Kevin Pluta (Charleston), is involved with the … Continue reading

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Avkat 3D Update

We are slowly building our facility with SketchuUp, and time for an update.  Our Junior Intern has been largely involved with this component, and this post is written by me, but with contributions from Chris. Working with Chris is a … Continue reading

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Formal Publication of Pylian Linear B Tablets to Occur

As announced by the Department of Classics at the College of Charleston, Dr. Dimitri Nakassis (Toronto) and Dr. Kevin Pluta (Charleston)  will be directing the formal publication of the Linear B tablets from Pylos, originally excavated by Carl Blegen begun in 1939.  The project will … Continue reading

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Developing Methods in High Resolution 3D Image Capture for Ancient Tablets

This summer I hope to provide updates on work being conducted by Kevin Pluta who is investigating and developing methods for reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), specifically tied to inscribed clay tablets.  His work, building off of work being done at … Continue reading

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Avkat Informatics continues facelift

The Avkat Informatics development blog has been relatively active. I link to the recent entry and show the image, as a means to show progress (a more detailed image can be found on their entry).  More frequent updates can be accessed … Continue reading

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Junior Internship in Archaeoinformatics

This week, we will be joined by our junior intern in archaeoinformatics.  Christopher Newhard will be joining us in the Santee Cooper GIS Lab to check out what his dad does when he’s not cooking him dinner. Far from play … Continue reading

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Modeling Communication Routes Over Land and Sea

In an ongoing effort to announce the initiatives occurring in Archaeoinformatics at the Santee Cooper GIS Lab, work is nearing completion on a project that models least cost paths in environments that require the integration of terrestrial and marine costs. … Continue reading

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