Junior Internship in Archaeoinformatics

This week, we will be joined by our junior intern in archaeoinformatics.  Christopher Newhard will be joining us in the Santee Cooper GIS Lab to check out what his dad does when he’s not cooking him dinner.

Far from play time, Chris has a serious goal this summer.  He will be working on building his facilty with Trimble Sketchup.  If skills progress appropriately, he will be building models based upon the Avkat Project’s remote sensing and archaeological field data, pushing us into the 3D and virtual worlds.

Okay…we might also throw the ball around the green space behind Addlestone Library from time to time…

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4 Responses to Junior Internship in Archaeoinformatics

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I came about this blog in a very round-about way. It’s fantastic that he’s being exposed to this stuff at such a young age.

    • James Newhard says:

      thanks, Elizabeth. It is a lot of fun. Computational literacy at an early age is great to see. Like foreign languages, math, and music composition, it is transferring the abstract thought of the mind and taking from one semiotic expression to another. Any kind of such activities are essential, in my opinion.

  2. James Newhard says:

    Will keep everyone updated on progress as its moves forward. Might even get Chris to post updates.

  3. Παππού says:

    Am keenly interested to see how this project develops.

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