Avkat Informatics

One of the projects being undertaken in the Santee-Cooper GIS Lab this summer is an overhaul of the informatics for the Avkat Archaeological Project, an intensive survey project undertaken in Central Anatolia between 2007 and 2009 by Princeton, Trent University, and the College of Charleston.

Like many, the project’s system evolved organically over the years. The project also spanned a period of time that straddled several technological transformations – some of them internal to the project directors, others more wide ranging.  We prided ourselves, for example, in the use of PDAs with mobile GIS from day one – by the end of the project the PDA market was replaced by cell phones and tablets.

Current goals for this summer include the development of a graphic user interface that allows querying of both tabluar and geospatial data, and the means to move effortlessly (as much as possible) between these two environments.  A development blog has been started, and those interested in hearing about the gory details of API development are welcome to follow the work and comment.

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