Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Bird Masks and Characters

Rose K Lesson on Creating a Bird Mask and Character

Bennu is a bird-shaped god of the cycle of life and death from Egyptian mythology. It is also an asteroid where NASA is conducting experiments. All of NASA’s proposed landing sites are named for birds: Osprey, Nightingale, Sandpiper, and Kingfisher. In the play, we turned Bennu (the asteroid) into a sort of sanctuary for Earth’s disappearing bird populations.

In the kindergarten lessons, students create a bird mask and a bird character. In the first lesson, students will share what they know about birds and what they know about characters. Students will draw a picture of their character, learn what a costume is, and then create their mask! In the second lesson, students will warm up their imagination with an acting game, take a look at bird movement, then create their own animal movement for their very own bird character.

Have fun!

Vivian and Emily