8th Grade Lesson Plans: Mars Set and Creature Creation

Rose 8th Grade Lesson on Mars Set and Creature Creation

Mars is an important destination for the “Rose” Crew! There, they rescue the rover, MARtha, and learn about the “Not-So-Sweet Potato Rebellion.” This is a fictional conflict that arose in the mid-22nd century, when experiments in Martian sweet potato cultivation took a livelier turn than expected…

In the 8th grade lessons, students will be designing a Mars colony set and a space creature. In the first lesson, students will begin by learning about what a set is, the design process, and brainstorming about what we know about Mars. Students will be creating a design collage to showcase their initial set design ideas. Students will gather images that show inspiration for a Mars exterior, settlement buildings, and technology in the colony and create a google slides presentation. In the second lesson, students will create a design for a mutated sweet potato creature that is mentioned in the play. Students have the option to draw their creature, create a digital collage using images from the internet, create the creature using pieces of cut construction paper, or create a physical collage by cutting out pictures from magazines or printed images to create a picture of the mutated sweet potato!

Bon Appetit (???)

Vivian and Emily