What Does Sustainability Actually Look Like?

If you’ve ever wondered how sustainability might actually appear if it were put on exhibit, now you’ve got a chance to find out. The College’s Quality Enhancement Plan office has partnered with the staff of Addlestone Library and JoAnn Gilmore’s students from ANTH 319 (Sustainable Museum Exhibit and Design) to present a QEP art exhibit.

This exhibit, which opens Friday, February 10, 2017 (on the second floor of Addlestone Library), consists of work by students, faculty and staff. The goal is to highlight existing expertise and faculty-student or staff-student collaborations on sustainability literacy, defined for the QEP as the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for resilient social, economic and environmental systems.

The exhibit will be on display until June 2017.

Read QEP director Todd Levasseur’s take on¬†the importance of including cultural values as a factor in assessing sustainability.


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