Sustainable Futures

Revenue Generating & Ready to Grow

Establishing a campus in Spoleto has the potential to be not simply sustainable, but also revenue-generating. In addition to the positive projected revenue-to-expenditure ratio, the College would see increased revenue through tuition paid during the summer, and also during the semester by students who might otherwise choose affiliate programs and therefore not pay the College any tuition.

The target property can easily house the projected student audience and faculty in 18 “classic” and “deluxe” (which can be shared by 2 students) rooms, along with 2 “single” rooms. In addition to the prospect of hosting donors in the two available suites, this property could generate revenue in a few key ways:

  • The selection of 12 additional “superior” rooms might be used as a learning lab for students studying Hospitality & Tourism Management or International Business to run as a boutique hotel, providing both professional experience and an additional revenue stream.
  • There is ample space for potential collaboration with other universities who might want to lease living-learning space during a summer session. There is, for example, one summer program from a university in Georgia that runs a summer study program in Spoleto each summer.
  • FYE Travel courses could use this unique space as a “gateway” study abroad experience.
  • Week-long guided excursions tied to distance education could attract adult audiences to use the space through a set program of brief courses led by CofC faculty.