Donor Opportunities

Meaningful Impact

Donor-investors seek to make a clear impact, but they also want to be able to see and experience that impact. The Spoleto campus offers numerous dynamic philanthropic pathways, all of which hell help sponsor a unique experiential learning opportunities for our students and raise the international profile of the College of Charleston as we build this “home away from home” together.

A Spoleto campus would attract donor interest in three key areas:

  • Donors not ready to commit a significant amount of capital might choose to establish named study abroad scholarships.
  • Donors who want to be more intimately involved in program development might sponsor specific, boutique summer programs. If a donor is particularly interested in the arts, for example, they could support a summer session through the School of the performing arts that aligns with Spoleto’s “Festival of the Two Worlds.” Alternately, if a donor is interested in the slow food movement and agritourism, they might sponsor a summer session through the International Business and Hospitality & Tourism Management programs.
  • Donors who are ready to make a more significant contribution could secure naming rights in a number of ways: named donor suites, classrooms, and common spaces are an option, as are naming rights to the campus itself.

By engaging with faculty and student participants, and hearing the stories that are generated in such a program, donors will see the direct impact of their investment. Planned donor and alumni suites in the target facility would offer donor-investors an opportunity to get that much closer to their investment, and to truly see the impact up close.

Cultivating Future Donors

Study abroad is often cited as one of the most memorable, life-changing experiences for our graduating students. But most students who study abroad do so through exchange and affiliate programs that are divorced from the College culture. A dedicated campus in Spoleto Italy would encourage, for students who study there, an enduring connection to the institution. This kind of unique connection can lay the foundation for future philanthropic giving in the decades ahead.