Ample Demand

Destination, Italy

For any study abroad program to be sustainable, there must be sufficient demand. According to IIE, Italy is the second-most frequented study abroad location for U.S. students, second only to the UK. Italy hosts twice as many students as Germany or France, and is significantly more popular than Spain as well. Its popularity continues to rise.

Italy is a popular study abroad destination for CofC students as well: in any given year, between 120 and 140 or our students choose to study in Italy. This includes 20-25 through a semester program in Florence and over 40 during the summer through distinct programs led by English, Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Italian Studies. Typically, over 70 students study abroad in Italy through affiliate programs both during the semester and over the summer.

Notably, those attending affiliate programs are predominantly out-of-state students for whom affiliate programs end up being cheaper than exchange or faculty-led programs due to tuition costs. Offering these students in-state tuition for our faculty-led program in Italy program would incentivize participation in the Spoloto program by offering students a discount while also allowing the College to retain crucial tuition dollars that are lost when students choose an affiliate programs. With these new recruits from affiliate programs–in addition to the consolidation of faculty-led programs in Italy–the data suggests that there is ample demand.

Model Programs

One model we might use as we continue to consider this Spoleto Campus project is Emerson College‚Äôs Kasteel Well, in the city of Well, the Netherlands. Their students call it “The Castle” and it is so popular that they have to use a lottery system even though they have 90 students each fall and spring semesters, as well as summer programs. Notably, Emerson has about half the total enrollment that CofC has.