Hispanic Studies Student Focus, December 2023: Ms. Emily Cox

By | December 14, 2023

Hispanic Studies Student Focus, December 2023: Ms. Emily Cox

Hispanic Studies is most pleased to be able to feature Ms. Emily Cox as its final Student Focus of 2023.

Having just completed her first semester at the College of Charleston, Emily has wasted no time in laying the foundations for her future professional and personal success, declaring major courses of study in three overlapping and intimately related areas: International Studies, Marketing and (¡por supuesto!) Spanish.

As for the latter area, the writer of this Student Focus was fortunate enough to have Ms. Cox as a student in his SPAN 275 Spanish Skills Review this past fall, in which she exhibited what, historically, have been the hallmarks of some of Hispanic Studies best students—hallmarks which include, but are not limited to, a genuine interest in broadening cultural horizons and a sincere dedication to developing linguistic skills through diligent application to studies and consistent use of the Spanish language (even on Monday mornings at 11 a.m.).

Of course, supporting evidence for the above high praise is not exactly in short supply, with Ms. Cox’s being a member, not only of the prestigious Honors College, but also an Honors College Ambassador, a Charleston Fellow and a participant in the International Scholars Program—the latter context in which she will travel this spring to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rounding out this impressive profile, Emily’s membership in the Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community, her being awarded a Barkley Scholarship through the Honors Program in Business and her having successfully pitched and promoted a product, SAFEKEY, which made it to the semifinals of the SC Innovates competition, all deserve mention.

For all the reasons listed above, and no doubt for many more to come, Hispanic Studies is proud to count Ms. Emily Cox amongst its many majors and minors.

In her own words…

I’ve always loved Spanish, having started learning it in elementary school and continued with it throughout my education. As part of my high school’s International Baccalaureate program, I really dove into learning more difficult concepts and exploring Hispanic cultures which only strengthened my love of this language. I knew I wanted to continue to pursue Spanish in college, especially with my goal of one day working internationally and my love of travel. Despite only being in my first semester here at the College, the Hispanic Studies department has already been so valuable in helping me decide how to make my dream of pursuing Spanish and studying abroad a reality. The department is extremely accessible and vested in their students and I love being surrounded by people who are as passionate about this language and culture as I am. The professors I’ve had the privilege of getting to know so far have been absolutely wonderful and I know I’m going to learn so much over the next 3.5 years (both inside the classroom and beyond it). I’m looking forward to all the future opportunities that will allow me to utilize my Spanish skills at home and abroad and am so excited to continue my foreign language education with Hispanic Studies.

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