HISP Faculty Focus, October 2023: Dr. Carl Wise

By | October 8, 2023


HISP Faculty Focus, October 2023: Dr. Carl Wise

Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for October 2023 is Dr. Carl Wise.

Dr. Wise, who received his doctorate in Romance Languages from the University of Georgia, has been a permanent member of the Department of Hispanic Studies since 2015. Since that time, he has parlayed his research interests in Spanish Golden Age literature and nautical culture into more than a few fascinating and engaging course offerings (e.g., his FYSE Beyond the Map’s Edge: Exploration Narratives in the Early Spanish Empire, as well as his LTPO 250 Literature in Translation. On the High Seas: Maritime Culture, Piracy and Shipwrecks in Spanish Literature) and scholarly publications (e.g., 2021’s “The Atlantic Metropolis: Ships and Seafarers in Lope de Vega’s El Arenal de Sevilla,” which appeared in the prestigious Bulletin of the Comediantes, as well as 2019’s “Imperial Geographies: Poetics of the Atlantic in Juan Ruiz de Alarcón’s El semejante a sí mismo,” which appeared in the equally impressive Bulletin of Spanish Studies).

Beyond his considerable contributions to the department, Dr. Wise also lends his valuable time and tremendous talents in other contexts—for example, to the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World, of which he has ably served as Interim Co-Director since 2023.

In his own words…

I am fortunate to work in such a vibrant department that provides College of Charleston students with exceptional academic, study abroad, and cultural opportunities. Whether we are on campus discussing irregular verb conjugations and seventeenth-century literature, or we are at Tertulia debating the proper way to make a paella, the amazing interaction between students and professors at CofC makes teaching here a very fun job. I frequently have the same Spanish majors and minors for several semesters, and watching students grow in their abilities and interests in Hispanic Studies is my favorite part about working here.”

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  1. Devon Hanahan

    Carl, this department would suffer so much without you! You are amazing, an I love that you chose this picture from the back of my pickup truck. 🙂


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