Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, March 2023: Dr. Carmen Gallegos-Pérez

By | March 9, 2023

Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, March 2023: Dr. Carmen Gallegos-Pérez

Dr. Carmen Gallegos-Peréz is Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for March 2023.

Dr. Gallegos-Pérez—who graduated with a Ph.D. in Spanish, Latin American Literatures and Cultures from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — joined Hispanic Studies during the 2022-2023 academic year in the capacity of Visiting Assistant Professor.

During this time she did such a wonderful job teaching HISP’s program of study in the Spanish for Business Minor, that the department decided to make things permanent–starting in fall of 2023, when Dr. Gallegos-Pérez will assume the role of Instructor of Spanish for Business.

As any who have signed up to take Carmen’s classes over the past two semesters in Spanish for Business are well aware, her unique focus on Eco-Criticism and Extractive Industries — as evidenced in her doctoral dissertation, “Quantifying Amazonia: Ecocritical Fictions during and beyond the Rubber Boom in Peru, Colombia and Brazil (19th–21st centuries)”—makes for an enriching experience in which students learn, not just the terminologies and concepts central to conducting commerce in the Hispanic linguistical and cultural context, but also become aware of the history of the dynamic (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) which has defined relations between industry and society, and how this representation becomes manifest in film and literature.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Gallegos-Pérez has also been quite busy since her arrival at CofC, lending her time, talents, enthusiasm — and, believe it or not, an as yet-to-be-named, sunglass-wearing, stuffed llama— to her activities with the Spanish Club, for which she serves as advisor. Additionally, she has involved herself with the CofC Hispanic Latino Club and planned a Latin American film festival, in conjunction with her colleague Dr. José Chávarry.

In her own words…

“What I enjoy most about working at the College of Charleston is the freedom to develop classes on topics I am passionate about, and to share this enthusiasm with my students. I find it inspiring to discuss and listen to my students’ perspective on topic such as business and commerce, environmental issues, and cultural and political topics about Latin America and Spain.

Moreover, it is fulfilling to guide my students’ development and it brings me joy to see their improvement in Spanish language, not to mention their success beyond the classroom–applying to fellowships, and winning awards!

Lastly, I am glad to have found a loving and energetic community at the CofC: participating in activities such as informal chats at Tertulia, events sponsored by the Hispanic Latino Club, and movies with empanadas in the Latin American Film series.  I love spending quality time with students and colleagues. There is always something exciting to do at CofC and this makes working here a unique experience!”

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