Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus, February 2023: Prof. Elizabeth Cox

By | February 1, 2023

Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus, February 2023: Prof. Elizabeth Cox

Prof. Elizabeth Cox is Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for February 2023.

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Prof. Cox was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Education in Early Child Development from the Instituto Superior de Profesorado de Educación Inicial Sara C. de Eccleston. Subsequently, she completed an M.Ed. in Languages at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, S.C.

As any student who has been fortunate enough to study with her well knows, Prof. Cox is a seasoned instructor who knows her way around the Spanish language classroom. Among the many beneficiaries of her pedagogical prowess have been students at Mason Preparatory School, Trident Technical College, Johnson & Wales, Bishop England and—last but not least—the esteemed College of Charleston, whose faculty she joined in fall of 2019.

Beyond the classroom, Prof. Cox has lent her considerable expertise as a Spanish language interpreter for the Medical University of South Carolina, in its physical and occupational therapy clinics, as well as for the Public Defender Office of Charleston.

In her own words…

“I have been teaching Spanish since moving to the United States from Buenos Aires, Argentina about 30 years ago. I have taught in elementary school, middle school, high school, and teaching at the college level these last 3 years feels like coming home. CofC is where I earned my M. Ed. in the Spanish language and where my entire family studied and earned their degree. My husband and two sons all played soccer for CofC. What I love the most about teaching college students is that I get to share my love for the language and the special nuances of each culture. By transmitting this passion, I have the possibility of opening a whole new world to my students, many of whom I see get mesmerized with the different perspectives and ideas they did not even know existed. It’s especially rewarding to see my students adopt my passion and look for more opportunities to explore the different ways of life. Many have gone on to take semesters abroad and always come back to share their experience and reward me with their feedback. All come back inspired and grateful for opening that door to a much larger world.”




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