Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, November 2022: Prof. Adelaida Bidot

By | November 8, 2022

HISP’s Faculty Focus for November of 2022 is Prof. Adelaida Bidot.

An impressive member of Hispanic Studies’ impressive faculty lineup since the fall of 2020, Adelaida received her education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico—first at the undergraduate and then the graduate level—where she completed a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s Degree in Hispanic Studies. Subsequent to this, she went on to take doctoral level classes in Hispanic Philology at the University of Murcia.

Following her time spent in Spain, Prof. Bidot returned to Puerto Rico, where she taught at the University of Puerto Rico as a Professor of Hispanic Studies, and then at the Pontifical Catholic University, where she gave classes in Hispanic Studies–all of this, before joining the Hispanic Studies faculty team.

Besides her wonderful work in the Spanish language classroom, Prof. Bidot has a long list of achievements to her name, which include her being commissioned by the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico to research and write a series of volumes about the institution’s history (e.g., see her Padres Escolapios: Cooperatores veritatis, cinco décadas de espiritualidad en la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico [2016]), the publication of scholarly articles (e.g., “¿Para qué la literatura?” in Revista Horizontes [2011]) and her conducting an award-winning interview with none other than Isabel Allende (see “Conversación con Isabel Allende” in Revista A Propósito [1995]).

For all the above and for so much more, Hispanic Studies is happy that Prof. Adelaida Bidot has chosen to call Hispanic Studies her home.

In her own words…

“Being an educator, I have always felt that I receive from my students far more than I give to them. That is, being in contact with young people spreads energy, enthusiasm, and vitality. My students give me a sense of reality and keep me grounded looking to the future.

Working at the College of Charleston has reinvigorated my career, affording me rewarding professional discoveries. Even after many years of teaching literature, I have continued to discover how challenging and stimulating it is to be in the classroom, this time teaching about Spanish language and Ibero-American cultures.

In the Department of Hispanic Studies, I have found wonderful colleagues, collaborators, and supportive and creative people who are always eager to help and to share new ideas and experiences, all things for which I am grateful.”


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