Hispanic Studies Student Focus, November 2021: Ms. Elizabeth Jane Hancock

By | November 4, 2021

Hispanic Studies Student Focus for October 2021 is Ms. Elizabeth Jane Hancock (’22).

An Honors College student pursuing an Artium Baccalaureatus in Spanish, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Classics, Ms. Hancock has established an impressive academic record at the College of Charleston — both in and outside of Hispanic Studies — having been named to the Dean’s and the President’s Lists.

Additionally, Elizabeth has been accepted into the ranks of more than one highly selective honor society (the Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honor Society and the Eta Sigma Phi Classics Honor Society), been named a Global Scholar, served as a Spanish language tutor with the Center for Student Learning, and contributed in the role as Philanthropy and Scholarship Chair for the Sigma Delta Tau sorority.

For all these reasons, and many others, HISP is proud to be able to feature Ms. Elizabeth Hancock as November 2021’s Student Focus.

In her own words:

The Hispanic Studies Department here has been an integral part of my experience here at CofC. I have taken many fascinating courses about topics such as the history of Spain and sociolinguistics, as well as more grammar and literature classes to help polish my speaking, reading, and writing abilities. I have made connections with wonderful professors here at the department, including Dr. Weyers and Dra. Beck, whose classes had me produce some of the best writing in Spanish that I have done to date (whether it be a literary analysis of a Golden Age work or a project surveying the presence of written Spanish in Charleston). Along with working to develop a fluency in speaking the language, the classes offered through the Hispanic Studies department (as well as my fantastic professors) have given me a rich understanding of culture in different parts of the world.”

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