Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus, November 2021: Dr. Antonio Pérez-Núñez

By | November 4, 2021

Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for November 2021 is Dr. Antonio Peréz-Núnez

Dr. Peréz-Núnez, an Associate Professor in Hispanic Studies as of fall 2021, joined the College of Charleston in 2015 after completing his Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, with a concentration in the field of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Prior to this, he distinguished himself at the University of Granada, Spain, where he received two M.A.s—in English Linguistics (2009) and in Advanced Studies in Spanish (2008)—as well as a B.A. in English Philology.

As a member of Hispanic Studies, Dr. Pérez-Núnez has contributed extensively to the departmental curriculum, developing such offerings as SPAN 491: Bilingualism in the Hispanic World, as well as lending his talents within the context of the First Year Experience (e.g., with his FYSE 120/LC Spanish Panorama), teaching a wide range of Spanish language and linguistics course, and working in conjunction with the Honors College on student research projects such as the Bachelor’s Essay.

Finally, Dr. Pérez-Núnez has been an active scholar, having had pieces published or accepted to be published on such topics as “The Effects of Comprehensive Written Corrective Feedback on the Acquisition of Specific Heritage Language Forms” (in the volume Outcomes of University Spanish Heritage Language Instruction in the United States. Ed. Melissa Bowles. Washington, D.C: Georgetown University Press) and “The Acquisition of Spanish Gender Marking in the Writing of Heritage and Second Language Learners: Evidence from the Language Classroom” (in Heritage Language Journal).

Not a complete summary of his activities, to be sure, but enough to make clear why his colleagues and students are happy that he took the job all those years ago.

In his own words:

I really feel very fortunate to do what I do and to be where I am. Ever since I joined the College in 2015, the department of Hispanic Studies has been a unique place, where I could share my passion for teaching and learning with my students, and also grow personally and professionally with the help of great colleagues and friends.”




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  1. Devon Hanahan

    Que suerte tenemos que seas parte del departamento, Antonio!!!!


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