HISP Student Focus for April 2021: Mr. Creighton Shelby (’22)

By | April 5, 2021

Mr. Creighton Shelby (’22) is the Hispanic Studies Student Focus for April 2021.

Creighton Shelby, a Spanish Language Education major and Linguistics minor remarks, “For me, Hispanic Studies is home.” When one considers just how much of a part he plays in some of the department’s most important activities –and, thus, how much he forms a part of HISP’s daily life– it is hard to disagree with him.

Since 2019, he has served as a Spanish tutor at the Center for Student Learning, assisting his peers and working with the department’s faculty in helping students to get a handle on some of those more elusive grammatical concepts. In addition, he has taught as a member of the SPAN Peer Conversation Class Program and lent his talents as Treasurer of the Spanish Club.

Beyond this, he will be one of only two student presenters at the upcoming Hispanic Studies hosted online, international CofC-UNLaM-USACH Conference, which runs from April 6-8 (you can check out his presentation on “El lenguaje inclusive: buscando algo más del binario” on the April 6th at 4 p.m. by registering here).

Of course, while Creighton is a valued member of the Hispanic Studies family, he also belongs and has contributed substantially to other groups on campus—not the least of which is the Reformed University Fellowship Ministry, on whose Leadership Committee he serves, as well as the Office of New Student Programs, with which he works as an Orientation Intern.

In his own words:

For me, Hispanic Studies is home. I came into college with a love and fascination of the Spanish language and my professors and peers have helped this grow since starting at the College. The Hispanic Studies department here at College of Charleston has afforded me countless opportunities such as living in the Spanish House, studying abroad in Trujillo, Spain, and working on an independent study to deeper explore my interest in Spanish linguistics. I have learned that Spanish is far more than just a language, but a lived experience. I cannot be more grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from each of my professors and peers. I am excited to continue loving and learning to love the Spanish language in the future!

2 thoughts on “HISP Student Focus for April 2021: Mr. Creighton Shelby (’22)

  1. Riley Taylor

    Congrats Creighton! I’m psyched for you! Well deserved!

  2. Devon Hanahan

    Creighton, tenemos muchísima suerte que seas parte del departamento! 🙂


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