HISP Faculty Focus for April 2021: Dr. Raúl Carrillo-Arciniega

By | April 5, 2021

Dr. Raúl Carrillo-Arciniega is Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for April 2021.

Dr. Raúl Carrillo-Arciniega, a member of HISP since 2005, received his doctorate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2004), where he specialized in Latin American Literature. Prior to this, he earned his Licenciatura (with honors) in Hispanic Literature from the Universidad Autónoma de México (1999).

As anyone who has had the pleasure of conversing with Dr. Carillo-Arciniega well knows, his interests are as varied as his reflections upon them are deep. Ample testament to this is to be found in his record of publication and works in progress, which contain—among other things—his study “El pensamiento poético fenoménico en David Huerta,” as well as his poetic compilation, China Girl (Silla Vacía Editorial, 2020) and award-winning novel, Tenesí River (2017).

For all these reasons, and more, Hispanic Studies is proud to number Dr. Raúl Carrillo-Arciniega among its own.

In his own words:

Teaching literature is teaching students how to use a language, to be sure. It is also, for me, teaching them to think beyond; to go deeper and to penetrate into the author’s mind. I enjoy sharing my passion for literature, art, philosophy, and cinema—all being fields where we explore what make us human–here and in Latin America. I believe in the power of language to resolve all our problems, and the classroom is a good place to start looking for solutions.”


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