HISP Student Focus, March 2021: Mr. Riley Taylor (’22)

By | March 2, 2021

Mr. Riley Taylor (’22) is the Hispanic Studies Student Focus for March, 2021.

A Spanish major with two minors in International Studies and Communications, Riley Taylor is certainly one of those students who has decided to make the most of his time at the College of Charleston.

In the classroom, as anyone who has taught him will readily attest, Riley is keen to engage and to be engaged; displaying a genuine passion for learning more about the topic at hand—whether this is the poetry of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, the history and culture of Latin America, or some sophisticated concept of Spanish linguistics. Such dedication to and enthusiasm for his studies are evinced through his being recognized with such honors as being placed on the President’s and Dean’s Lists, not to mention his gaining admission to the Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honor Society (the latter for which he currently serves as secretary).

To be sure, Mr. Taylor’s many activities are not limited to those sponsored by Hispanic Studies. Besides the above, he has also kept busy as a College Student Audio-Visual Support Technician, a member of the Student Sports Marketing Team and as a participant in CofC’s Model United Nations.

While not a complete summary of Riley’s activities and achievements, the preceding certainly should communicate exactly why it is HISP is proud to feature him as this month’s Student Focus.

In his own words…

Choosing a higher education path in Hispanic Studies has opened countless doors for me as I progress towards my future career. Through the Spanish language, I have been exposed to a world of history, culture, tradition, and beauty that I otherwise would not have known existed. I am beyond grateful for the Hispanic Studies Department at the College not only for my higher education, but because they truly have the most dedicated, passionate faculty that make each course much more than just a class, but a valuable, memorable experience. I am proud to say that I am a Spanish speaker and ever more pleased to represent the Hispanic Studies Department at the College of Charleston.”

5 thoughts on “HISP Student Focus, March 2021: Mr. Riley Taylor (’22)

  1. Eileen Shields

    I had the pleasure of meeting Riley recently when he came to fix my computer during a class. He was excited to come and help in our department because “he looks for any chance ” he can get “to speak Spanish”. Even though he was great at getting the computer ready for class, what really stood out, was his personality and love for the language and culture. This recognition is well deserved. Thank you Riley!

    1. Riley Taylor

      Always glad to help, Eileen! Thank you so much for the kind words.

  2. Devon Hanahan

    Wow, what a great member of our Hispanic Studies family! Mucho gusto en conocerte, Riley!

  3. Riley Taylor

    Thank you to everyone for the good wishes! It’s an honor to receive this acknowledgment and I am proud to represent the Hispanic Studies Department and the Spanish language.


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