HISP Faculty Focus, March 2021: Prof. Georgia Schlau

By | March 2, 2021

Prof. Georgia Schlau is HISP’s Faculty Focus for March 2021.

Prof. Georgia Schlau received her Master’s from the University of South Carolina (’69), where her thesis focused on The Novels of Rafael F. Muñoz, before beginning study for a Ph.D. in Romance Literatures and Languages, at the University of Georgia.

Following her graduate-level studies, Ms. Schlau held positions as an Instructor at the University of South Carolina and as an Assistant Professor at Baptist College, among other places, before joining the Department of Hispanic Studies as an Instructor in 1990. From 1992-2011, she served ably as Director of the Language Resource Center at the College, before returning to the classroom as an Instructor, from 2012-2016, and then teaching part-time following her retirement in the latter year.

Of course, Ms. Schlau’s professional pedigree is only part of the reason that she is so valued by Hispanic Studies. Besides her admirable work in and outside of the classroom, she has contributed significantly to the life of the College, that of the Department and of students in general, through such activities as her past advising of the Spanish Club and her participation in the World Cultures Fair.

For all of these reasons, and for many others, HISP is proud to claim Ms. Georgia Schlau as one of its own and to be able to feature her in this month’s Faculty Focus.

In her own words…

“I enjoy teaching so much I came back after retirement to continue teaching for the Hispanic Studies Department. It gives me a focus and keeps me young at heart.”

5 thoughts on “HISP Faculty Focus, March 2021: Prof. Georgia Schlau

  1. Eileen Shields

    Georgia has served our department very well with great ideas not only in her classroom, but as Lab director and during our cultural Fair. She has dedicated her life to the teaching and guiding our students. Her lessons are a combination of new ideas and humor.

  2. Celina Anthony

    Awesome that Georgia continues to teach after her retirement! Hugs!


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