Hispanic Studies, November 2020 Student Focus: Mr. John Quirk

By | November 3, 2020

John Quirk is Hispanic Studies’ Student Focus for November 2020

Following his arrival at CofC in the fall of 2018, John wasted little time in getting involved with the Department of Hispanic Studies as a student pursuing a minor in Spanish, a peer tutor in the language with the Center for Student Learning, an attendant at monthly Tertulias, and as a participant in the College’s study abroad program in La Habana, Cuba (where he is pictured, above, “tomando un cafecito” during a break between classes).

A Junior in the Honors College, John has paired his minor course of study in Spanish with a major in International Studies, distinguishing himself in both areas by being named to the prestigious President’s List for the spring 2020 semester.

Of course, John has also kept himself busy outside of the classroom–among other ways, by hosting two programs on CofC’s Cistern Yard Radio.

For all these reasons, and more, HISP is proud to feature Mr. John Quirk as our Student Focus for the month of November.

In his own words…

My experience with the Hispanic Studies department has been phenomenal so far. I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Havana, Cuba, which has helped my development as a Spanish speaker immensely, and I hope to study abroad again in the future. I have had some great professors—including Dr. Hakobyan and Dr. Gómez—who have both shown profound interest in the development of my Spanish skills as well as a passion for the Spanish language.

Throughout my experience, I have had the opportunity to take some fascinating courses, such as a course examining Latin American cultures through the lens of cinema. With the courses offered, I have been able to improve my Spanish as well as learn about Hispanic cultures and history.

I hope to one day be fluent in Spanish and use this fluency to somehow help people by facilitating communication. My classes in the Hispanic Studies department are bringing me closer to this goal of fluency, while also providing me with knowledge of history, literature, and culture. I look forward to the future classes I will take with this department as I continue my studies and the connections I will make along the way.

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