Hispanic Studies, Student Focus for October 2019: Ms. Arianna Alvarado

By | October 1, 2019


Arianna Alvarado (Class of 2021) is Hispanic Studies’ Student Focus for October of 2019.

In addition to her declared minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Ms. Alvarado is also engaged in dual Bachelor’s programs: a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies–no small feat!

Besides her academic involvement as a student of the department and its related programs, Arianna has contributed significantly to Hispanic Studies, serving as President of the Portuguese Club, as well as in her capacity as a tutor of Portuguese and a Peer Academic Teacher.

While many more impressive things might be related of Ms. Alvarado–e.g. her membership in Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, her musical talents and academic achievements in other fields–let it suffice to say that Hispanic Studies is most proud to be able to feature someone of Ms. Arianna Alvarado’s undoubted caliber in this edition of Student Focus.

In her own words:

My experience with the Hispanic Studies department has been nothing but incredible. The professors in the Portuguese department, with whom I have shared most of my time, are exceptional and their work is always individualized, which makes me as a student feel seen and heard. As a Portuguese minor and LACS major, I plan to study abroad in Brazil to further my fluency in the language and to experience such a rich and diverse culture. I also hope to expand my knowledge of other languages in the future because I believe that the language is what makes a culture and to be able to learn and communicate, we must first attempt to understand it.

One thought on “Hispanic Studies, Student Focus for October 2019: Ms. Arianna Alvarado

  1. Luci Moreira

    Congratulations, Arianna!
    You deserve this recognition. You have an exceptional academic profile and you have done so much for the Portuguese Program at the College! I am so proud of you!
    Students like you inspire us, teachers, and make our profession even more meaningful and beautiful.
    Sua professora Luci Moreira


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