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Course Offerings for Summer and Fall 2023

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The following courses can count for the minor in Southern Studies. For a list of minor requirements, which will change in F 2023 for students under that catalog, scroll down on this document.

Summer 2023

SOST 200 Summer I Asynchronous online.

ENGL 313 African American Literature online

MUSC 222 All That Jazz online

Fall 2023

AAST 300 The Black Queer South  1 pm MWF

AAST 340 Race, Violence, and Memory in American History 2-3:15 MW

ANTH 309 Archaeology of the African Diaspora 3:25-4:40 MW

ANTH 347 Intro to Museum Studies 2-3:15 MW

BIOL 300, 300L Botany 9 MWF and 1-5 W

BIOL 338, 338L Entomology 10:50 TR, 1-5 F

ENGL 313 African American Literature 11 MWF

ENGL 360 Coming of Age in Southern Spaces 10:50 TR

ENGL 364/HIST 310 Fire in Little Africa 12:15 TR

GEOG 219 Reading the Lowcountry Landscape online

GEOL 213 Natural Hazards MWF 12-12:50

GEOL 257 Marine Geology MWF 1-1:50

HIST 215 African American History to 1865 9:25 TR

HIST 225 History of the South Since 1865 TR 10:50

HIST 310/JWST 300 African Americans and Jews

HPCP 299 Preservation Planning Studio 2-5 M

MUSC 365 Gospel Choir

POLI 330 Southern Politics 12:15 TR

RELS 253 Religions of Charleston 1:40 TR

SOST 200 Interpreting Southern Cultures 3:25 MW.  [This new title for SOST 200, formerly called Intro to Southern Studies, better reflects the open-ended inquiry of the class and the fact that it is often taken after students have already taken one or more Southern Studies courses.]


The Southern Studies Minor currently requires 19 credit hours that include SOST 200 or the equivalent, 15 hours of elective courses, and SOST 400, 1 credit hour. Beginning with the 2023-24 catalog year, the minor will only require 18 credit hours and SOST 400 will be deleted from the catalog. For the minor’s capstone project, instead of taking SOST 400, students will consult with the Program Director to select an interdisciplinary project completed in one of their minor courses. They may also do a new capstone project while enrolled in SOST 399 or SOST 404 for 1-3 hours and count those hours towards their elective hours. The Southern Studies program will share capstone projects publicly, since this work adds to our collective understanding of the complexity of our region and how its cultures can become more equitable and sustainable.

If students wish to do focused research on a Southern Studies topic not covered in a regular course, they may count tutorials or independent studies in an appropriate department, including SOST 399 and SOST 404, two new courses added to the 23-24 catalog.

Students who are completing the minor under an earlier catalog but graduating in December 2023 or later may switch to the requirements of the new minor. Go to MyPortal and select POSM (Program of Study Management) to switch to a later catalog. Contact the Program Director, Dr. Julia Eichelberger eichelbergerj@cofc.edu to discuss your options.

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