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Check out all our Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | November 3, 2018 | No Comment |

We’ve got a huge array of course offerings that can be counted toward the minor in Southern Studies. If you’re interested in the South, these courses are great opportunities to learn more!

Click here for a pdf of the complete list followed by flyers describing many of these courses.

AAST 280 Intro to African American Music TR 10:50 am-12:05 pm Prof. Mari Crabtree

AAST 300-05  Africana Womanhood and Migration Narratives TR 01:40 pm-02:55 pm Prof. Mari Crabtree

ARTH 338 American Vernacular Architecture & Material Culture MWF 09:00 am-09:50 am Prof. Richard Gilmore

BIOL 301 Plant Taxonomy MWF 11:00 am-11:50 am (Lab M 01:00-05:00 pm) Prof. Jean Everett

BIOL 333 Ornithology F  07:30 am-10:30 am (Lab F 11:00 am-03:00 pm) Prof. Melissa Hughes

BIOL 334 Herpetology TR 10:50 am-12:05 pm (Lab T 12:10 pm-04:10 pm) Prof. Allison Welch

EDFS 201-02-07 Foundations of Education (Multiple Sections)

ENGL 313 African American Literature MWF 12:00 pm-12:50 pm Prof. Valerie Frazier

ENGL 190 Obstinate Daughters: Women and Social Justice in the 19th & 20th Centuries TR 9:25 am – 10:40 am  Prof. Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich


HIST 217 African American History since 1865 MWF 01:00 pm-01:50 pm Prof. Shannon Eaves

HIST 320 ST: Modern Charleston T 06:00 pm-08:45 pm     Prof. Robert Stockton

HPCP 299-01 Preservation Planning Studio M 02:00 pm-05:00 pm Prof. James Ward

HPCP 299-02 Preservation Planning Studio R 02:00 pm-05:00 pm Prof. James Ward

HTMT 310-01 Current Topics in HTMT: Current Issues in Charleston Tourism W 05:30 pm-08:15 pm Prof. Michael Seekings

LACS 200-01 Special Topics: Talking Trash and Wasting Time: A Carribean Ecology  MWF 3:00-3:50  Prof. Christine Garcia

LING 290 ST: A View of American English Dialects           TR 09:25 am-10:40 am Prof. Elizabeth A Martinez-Gibson

MUSC 222-04 ST: Like a Rolling Stone: History and Development of Rock Music ONLINE Prof. Yiorgos Vassilandonakis

MUSC 365 Ensemble: Gospel Choir TBA Prof. Brenten Merrill Weeks

RELS 298 Special Topics in Religious Studies: Global Evangelicalism MWF 01:00 pm-01:50 pm Prof. Leonard Lowe

SOST 200 Intro. to Southern Studies TR 01:40 pm-02:55 pm Prof. Tammy Ingram

SOST 400 Southern Studies Capstone Proj TR 03:05 pm-04:20 pm Prof. Julia Eichelberger

Additional Special Topics Courses May Be Added As More Information Becomes Available.

Certain Independent Studies and Tutorials May Be Eligible Depending on Their Content.

NOTE: ENGL 350.o2 and ENGL 364.01 have been cancelled.


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