Meeting Seeds-to-Shoreline teachers: citizen science!

AR-150519731Yesterday, I enjoyed meeting inspiring K-12 teachers with EV Bell @SCSeaGrant. Seeds-to-Shoreline is a fantastic program that gets K-12 kids to rear salt marsh plants in their classrooms, and then transplant them to the field. I’ve been collaborating with EV and local teachers, and seeing if we can’t get high-quality reciprocal transplant experiments done at the same time. Last year, I was able to recruit one class from Ashley Hall Elementary. This year, I hope to get several more, and yesterday’s workshop was a great opportunity to meet teachers that are veterans of the program, in some cases 5-year veterans. Here‘s a great story about a Sullivan’s Island class that reared and transplanted Spartina this spring. We can do ‪#‎citizenscience‬ with ‪#‎Spartina‬. Photo credit: Dustin Waters, Moultrie News.

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