29 July 2014 – a busy summer

we have had lots of folks working in the lab this summer.    virtually everyone is working on Gracilaria vermiculophylla (the lone exception is alyssa, who is working on biogeography of seaweed defenses).

Hannah Waddell (Academic Magnet High School – HHMI fellow)

Sarah Shainker (CofC undergraduate – HHMI fellow)

Connon Thomas (SUNY-Syracuse – REU fellow)

Meredith Smylie (former GPMB MS student, now a part-time technician)

Carrie Hemphill (former Clemson student, now a part-time technician)

Alyssa Demko (GPMB student)

Courtney Gerstenmaier (GPMB student)

Stacy Krueger-Hadfield (NSF-funded postdoc)

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