College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

2014-15 School of the Arts Awards

The School of the Arts will honor the achievements of a select group of students who have demonstrated excellence in their respective disciplines. The Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 14 will recognize those who have set a standard for their peers as well as those who will follow in their footsteps. [event details]

The School also will recognize alumnus Joseph Burwell ’93, who has gained significant success in his profession since graduating from the College of Charleston. He will receive the Alumni Award of Achievement.

School of the Arts Scholars
Emily Rose McVan
Haley Sierra Pierce

Outstanding Student Award
Emily Rose McVan
Giovanna Quattrone

School of the Arts Scholars
Ebony Chisolm
Emily Farris
Katelyn Ribant
Emily Tran

Outstanding Student Award
Edward Gage Nelson Baxter
Meagan Carter
Samantha Dahabi
Taylor Hill
Kiana Kim
MacKenzie Kohler
Dutch Reutter
Marisa Taddei
Emily Tran
Darby Wagner

Julie Jett Arts Management Citizenship Award
Kiana Kim

Seltzer Prize in Arts Management
Reina Slaymaker

2015 Sotheby’s Institute of Art, College of Charleston Arts Management Summer Study Award
Jaclyn Vernet

School of the Arts Scholar
Sydney Suzanna Grove
Amanda Adams Lee
Jessica Russo

Outstanding Student Award
Callie Elizabeth Beal
Elizabeth Anne Burns
Linnea Leora Granquist
Sydney Suzanna Grove
Sarah Peyton Gumenick
Elaina Mae Gyure
Audrey Claire Marhoefer
Jessica Russo
Phillip Davon Smith

School of the Art Scholars
Clare Elich
Tatiana Hoover
Adam Ray
Emily Tran
Jeffrey Wilson

Outstanding Student Award
Edward Gage Nelson Baxter
Wade Caldwell
Robbie Chan
Caitlin Delaney
Demetrius Doctor
Clare Elich
Tatiana Hoover
Christy King
Adam Ray
Cherise Sickles
Emily Tran

Mary Stewart Allan Award for Violin
Yuhong Tu

Marguerite Elfe Erckman Vocal Award
Tatiana Hoover
Cherise Sickles

The Melvin H. & Virginia Peacock Goodwin Award for Instrumental Performance
Adam Ray

Reba Kinne Huge Award in Music
Maxx Bradley

Julian Hayes and Clifford Milton Award for Excellence in Strings
Yuhong Tu

Edwin Davis Peacock Award for Excellence in Piano
Emily Tran

Sue Simons Wallace Award for Excellence in Music
Zachery Litchfield

Artist Certificate Recipients
Ashley Fabian
Irwin Jiang

School of the Arts Scholars
Meagan Cain
Andrew King
Grace Musser
Brie Uzzel
Elizabeth Willingham

Outstanding Student Award
Cayli Crawford
Julia Hyndman
Emily Meisler
Sean Mueller
Anna Sobieszczyk

The Artists and Craftsman Award
Jordan Fowler

The Corrie McCallum Award for Printmaking
Brie Uzzel

The Laura M. Bragg Memorial Award
Andrew King

The Seltzer Prize in Studio Art
Grace Musser

The Tyzack Prize
Miriam Lacourse

School of the Arts Scholars
Leah Anderson
Trevor Catalano
Christine Leonardi
Shelby North

Outstanding Student Award in Theatre
McKenna Dubose
Ashley Gennarelli
Nick Hill
Shelby North

Outstanding Student Award in Dance
Michelle Nichols

Franklin B. Ashley Playwriting Award
Julia Marks

Center Stage Award
Ashley Gennarelli

Maria Alicia Elfe Award for Theatre
Randy Risher

Faculty Award of Merit – Theatre Faculty Award
McKenna Dubose
Ashley Genneralli
Carrie Zollinger

Future Professionals Award – Performance
Shelby North

Future Professionals Award – Production
Taylor Ann Spencer

Future Teacher Award
Karola Richardson

Lyndrup Award
Claire Ahlin

Mary Jollensten Scholarship
Katherine Mangicaro

Arthur McDonald Award for Theatre
David Soyka

Valerie Morris Award for an Outstanding Performance
by an Actor or an Actress in a Play
Ashley Gennarelli (The Bacchae)

Eliza Ingle Dance Honor
Bailey McFaden

Emmett Robinson Scholar
Randy Risher

The Seltzer Prize in Theatre
Peter Spearman

The Stelle Scholarship in Theatre
Sarah Strickland

Hannah Strickland Award for Excellence in Design
Samantha Dahabi (Assassins – Set Design)

ExCEL Awards (Excellence in Collegiate Education and Leadership Awards) – This award recognizes a student for his or her achievements at the College. The recipient represents the positive attributes of a student leader, and the award recognizes the recipient for his or her continued contributions to the campus and the broader community.
Student of the Year, School of the Arts • Breonta Peterson, Theatre

Franco-American Vocal Academy Grand Concours Vocal Competition (Third Prize)
Ashley Fabian

South Carolina National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Auditions
McKenzie Anderson | College Freshmen Women, Honors
Josh Avant | College Junior Men, Honors
Dale Bennett | College Sophomore Men, Honors
Patricia Cooney | College Junior Women, First Place
Jasmine Crowder | College Freshmen Women, First Place
Gabe Clarke Curl | Advanced College Men, Honors
Clare Elich | College Senior Women, First Place
Meg Henderson | College Freshmen Women, Honors
Katherine Kuckelman | College Freshmen Women, Honors
Sarah Milowic | College Sophomore Women, Honors
Mary Ott | College Freshmen Women, First Place
Laura Owens | College Junior Women, Honors
Natalie Pack | College Sophomore Women, Honors
Courtney Pourciaux | College Sophomore Women, First Place
Christopher Prohaska, College Freshmen Men, Honors
Catherine Rizzuto | College Sophomore Women, Honors
Cherise Sickles | Advanced College Women, First Place
Kiri Taylor | College Freshmen Women, Honors
Cat Wensel | College Freshmen Women, Honors

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region IV Conference Excellence in Lighting Design
Alexia Sosa

KCACTF Region IV – Award from the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas
Alexia Sosa