College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

Piccolo Spoleto Stelle Di Domani Theatre Series

A variety of entertaining performances that feature the Stars of the Department of Theatre at the College of Charleston School of the Arts: 

WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE – A mother from New Jersey roams the hills of Lockerbie Scotland, looking for her son’s remains which were lost in the crash of Pan Am 103. She meets the Women of Lockerbie, who are fighting the U.S. Government to obtain the clothing of the victims found in the plane’s wreckage. The women, determined to convert an act of hatred into an act of love, want to wash the clothes of the dead and return them to the victim’s families. The Women of Lockerbie is loosely inspired by a true story, although the characters and situations in the play are purely fictional. Written by Deborah Brevoort, the play is described as a poetic drama about the triumph of love over hate. [more info and tickets]

GOD OF CARNAGE – By Yasmina Reza, this piece is drenched in conflict, immaturity, and awkward circumstances. Carnage is a “dark” comedy about two adult couples meeting with each other to discuss a dispute between their children. This play is about how “infantile” someone can become when defending themselves, or others. [more info and tickets]

UNDER THE LIGHTS – Back for the seventh year, this Piccolo favorite highlights original student works. A series of 10-minute plays, Under the Lights features winners of the Franklin B. Ashley Playwriting and the Todd McNerney Student Playwriting Awards. Join us for an evening celebrating the voices and ideas of the next generation of writers. [more info and tickets]

SPARK – A free staged reading of the 2013 Todd McNerney Play writing Competition winner, Spark by Caridad Svich. Caught in the aftermath of war, three sisters face poverty and trauma, and must find a way to carry on. This play, attributed to US veterans, employs faith, love, war and healing to discover the ultimate strength of family. [more info and tickets]

BUNKER 13 – Bunker 13 is an improvised comedy revolving around five soldiers in the Vietnam War. As Sarge, Joker, Rhino, Mick and “Z” rest and refit in their bunker the audience gains an insight into their hopes, fears and experiences through hilarious improvised dialogue, flashbacks and trips “downrange” into the jungle. [more info and tickets]

THE PINK COLLAR COMEDY TOUR – The Pink Collar Comedy Tour returns! Don’t miss Erin Judge, Abbi Crutchfield, Carrie Gravenson and CofC alum Kaytlin Bailey as they bring their cutting edge, hilarious stand-up comedy back to Charleston. They debuted here last year and have since traveled to more than a dozen cities, bringing laughter and fun to audiences all across the U.S. Hang onto your day job and enjoy a night of hilarious, world class comedy with the women of Pink Collar! [more info and tickets]

LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC – Piccolo veterans, the Collective Collaborative Players (Stelle di Domani ’10 and ’12) return with their production of Arlene Hutton’s charming and heart–tugging, The Last Train to Nibroc (previously performed at PS in 2000). The story of two young people, Raleigh and May, who meet on a train returning to the mountains of Kentucky, Nibroc explores with grace, wit, and humor the development of their relationship against the backdrop of the turbulent 1940s. [more info and tickets]

MAD GRAVITY – A free staged reading of the 2013 Todd McNerney National Play writing Competition runner-up, Mad Gravity, by William Missouri Downs. Mad Gravity takes us to a home where every conversation is a performance and an attempt to create “reality theatre.”  While two Dada performers host their conservative guests in their home/theatre, the performance gets eerie when they find out an astronomical-sized problem is heading their way. [more info and tickets]