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‘Spoleto Today’ to Highlight Best of the Fests

Spoleto Today to Highlight Spoleto’s Best With A New Season on ETV Radio

ETV Radio’s Spoleto Today continues its annual coverage of the Spoleto festival in Charleston this Friday, May 25th at 9:00am. Co-hosted by Marc Overton and the College of Charleston’s Jeanette Guinn, the show includes conversations with the international icons performing at Spoleto, clips from the most intriguing shows in this year’s roster of performances and highlights from the regional performances at the concurrent Piccolo Spoleto festival. For those who are still debating which tickets to buy, those who can’t make it, and those who simply love the arts, Spoleto Today is South Carolina’s annual passport to the renowned Spoleto Festival.

This year’s show is being produced in partnership with South Carolina ETV and the College of Charleston through the Arts and the Media at Spoleto Maymester course, in which undergraduate students gain hands-on experience working as part of a professional radio production team. Students will be involved in each part of the production process, writing material, managing technical aspects of the recording process and implementing press and social media marketing techniques. The class is taught by Guinn, vistiting professor in the arts management program at the College’s School of the Arts.

A new season of Spoleto Today begins Friday, May 25, at 9:00am on all ETV Radio stations: 89.1 FM Aiken, 89.3FM Charleston, 89.9FM Beaufort, 91.3FM Columbia, 90.1 FM Conway, 90.1 FM Greenville, 88.1 FM Sumter, and 88.9 FM Rock Hill. Podcasts for each show will be posted each weekday at the South Carolina ETV website ( through June 8th.