College of Charleston SCHOOL OF THE ARTS

Simons Medal to Be Awarded to John Milner

The Historic Preservation and Community Planning Program at the College of Charleston School of the Arts will present the Albert Simons Medal of Excellence to John D. Milner for traditional design and preservation, followed by a lecture by Milner. [more info on event]

John D. Milner, FAIA (Fellow of the American Institute of Architects) is an architect who has devoted his career to the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, as well as to the designing of new buildings that are inspired by his knowledge of historic precedent and which often respond to sensitive environmental contexts.

Complementing Milner’s professional practice is his passion for the education of young architects and preservationists. For 35 years, he has served as Adjunct Professor of Architecture in the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate program in historic preservation. His current projects include the restoration and expansion of “Hickory Hill,” the former estate of Robert and Ethyl Kennedy in Virginia; restoration of Nemours Mansion and gardens in Wilmington, D.E.; and the design of new traditional residential communities in China.

The Albert Simons Medal of Excellence was established in honor of the 20th anniversary of the College’s School of the Arts, in 2010. Simons pioneered the teaching of art at the College, and the medal honors individuals who have excelled in one or more of the areas in which Simons excelled, including civic design, architectural design, historic preservation and urban planning. Last year’s inaugural medal was awarded to Mayor Joseph P. Riley.