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Meet Shannon Wischusen, Sociology Major

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Why did you choose to attend the College of Charleston?

Originally, I was running away from the New Jersey winters, but I fell in love with CofC immediately. I always tell people that coming to this school is the best decision that I have ever made in my life.

Wischusen, ShannonWhat made you decide to be a sociology major?

I found myself attracted to the Social Sciences before I really knew what Sociology was. After my Honors intro class with Dr. Burkett freshman year, I was hooked.

How does sociology fit into your life plan?

I am an aspiring professional academic. In two years I hope to enroll in a Ph. D. program for Sociology, and eventually become a college professor (in Soc of course).

What have you learned from your professors?

All of my professors and peers at the College of Charleston have reinforced that this department is exactly where I am supposed to be. My professors at CofC have provided me with an endless system of support, and my peers challenge me and motivate me every day.

What is your favorite sociology class?

I’ve had so many favorite sociology classes in the last 4 years! Right now I am participating in an academic apprenticeship for the Honors Intro to Sociology class where I get to be a TA. This class is really important to me because I love being able to lead class discussions, and at the same time I get to reflect on what kind of professor I aspire to be.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Heath Hoffmann. I am so fortunate to have him as my mentor at the College. His passion, intelligence and kindness inspire me every day, and he is definitely the reason I want to become a professor.

Are you working on a Bachelor’s Essay? If so, what are you writing it on?

Yes! I am working on my honors Bachelors Essay in Sociology. I am studying how undergraduate college students share drug and alcohol content on social media platforms. I’m really excited about how it’s progressing!

Do volunteer anywhere? If so, what type of work is it?

Currently I volunteer for ABRAZOS, a federally funded program in North Charleston that offers English as a Second Language classes to Spanish-speaking mothers. The program also involves health and nutrition and parenting classes. I mostly volunteer in the program’s childcare center with Spanish-speaking preschoolers and toddlers.

What are you plans for after graduation?

After graduation I am moving back home and starting a new job as an Early Childhood Education Teacher in New York City for Teach for America! I will be a TFA corps member for two years while also enrolling in a Masters program for Early Childhood Education.

Do you have advice for students deciding on a major?

Place less emphasis on the end game. It’s okay if you don’t know “what you want to be when you grow up.” Find something to study that you love and you’ll find a job that you love. College is such an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in academics; don’t spend all of your time in college worrying about what you are going to do afterwards.

What is your most challenging event or greatest accomplishment at the College of Charleston?

Next year I will be an early childhood educator for Teach for America, so I have started a new job teaching Spanish language preschool programs in Charleston. I absolutely love it, I am having so much fun and getting great experience, but it is definitely the hardest thing I have done while in college. Western Civ seems like nothing compared to a room full of four-year-olds.

What is one surprising fact about you?

I’m a power yoga addict!

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