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Meet Dr. Dee Dee Joyce, Anthropology Professor

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How long have you been teaching at CofC?Joyce_2

I have been teaching here for 27 years!

What were you doing before coming to CofC?

I taught for three years at Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Where did you study and what inspired you to study anthropology and become a professor?

I received my B.A. in History from Catawba College. I then went on to get my M.A. in Anthropology from University of Arkansas and my PhD from SUNY-Binghamton.  I was inspired by my first introductory course in Anthropology and my first field school. I didn’t plan to become a professor—I thought I would be a field archaeologist and have my own archaeological contract firm. My first teaching job thirty years ago was meant to be a one year contract to fill in for a professor who was ill. But from that first experience I knew teaching was the right fit and have been doing it ever since!

Are you involved in any research at the moment?

Yes, I am interested in the how people maintain social space along race, class and ethnic lines when that social space is confined or limited. My approach is to investigate how social space was shared and/or divided in Charleston’s 19th century boarding house.

What is your favorite class to teach?

I love teaching Introduction to Anthropology.

What was your favorite class when you were in school?

Intro to Anthropology- because I got a taste of everything anthropology had to offer.

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

I would say that is it important to not only perform well in your classes but also take advantage of all the extras like internships, study abroad, clubs, etc.

What do you like most about teaching and/or CofC?

The students! They are bright, inquisitive, well-mannered and a joy to be around.

What do you like to do outside of teaching? Any hobbies/interests?

I love outdoor activities– cycling, snorkeling, tennis, walking the streets of our beautiful historic city.

What is your favorite book or are you reading anything interesting?

I usually have several books going at once–most are anthropology-related but if I want to relax and put my brain on the shelf I read murder mysteries.

If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

Barack Obama

Where is your favorite place on earth- vacation spot, writing/reading corner, etc.?

Anyplace with white sand, tropical waters and a barrier reef.

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