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Alumni Spotlight: Sergeant Larry Walker (SOCY ’95)

Posted by: Melissa Page | March 22, 2014 | No Comment |

What have you been doing since you graduated?
I looked into several different careers before becoming  a police officer with the SC Dept. of Public Safety in 1998.

What is your current position?
Recently promoted to Division Sergeant within the SCDPS.  I supervise 10 officers  along with a shift Corporal.  Daily, my department (approx. 75 officers and supervisors) handles security for the Governor and First Family, State Capital Police, and reponding to any crimes on State property.Sgt Walker

What advice would you offer to new students at the College of Charleston who are thinking of declaring a major in Sociology?
This is an ideal major for those interested in the field of law enforcement, military,  or any type of social service position where dealing with the public is a key part of your career.

What advice would you offer to students graduating from the College of Charleston with a degree in Sociology?
Check into the many types of service careers that are out there.  While law enforcement may not be your ideal, there are several other types of careers that will cater to those with a degree in Sociology.  Be warned, most of these positions will not make you wealthy, but if you enjoy working with and for people, they are still very rewarding.

What was your most memorable learning experience in Sociology?
Any class with Dr. George Dickinson as well as my internship with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department.

What unexpected benefits have you derived from a degree in Sociology?
A small part of my job is being a victim advocate.  Some of my Sociology classes really have come in handy in these types of situations.

What class did you most enjoy while earning your degree at the College of Charleston?
I hate to admit this because it had nothing to do with my current profession, but sailing.

What class was the most applicable to your everyday life now that you’ve graduated? 
Constitutional Law

What made you choose the College of Charleston over other schools?
Small class size, beautiful campus, CofC academic rankings

How has a Sociology degree made you a more well-rounded person?
It makes it a lot easier to see things from a different perspective when dealing with those that may be from a different cultural or socio-economic class than I am.


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