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Catherine Wood Parker Fund Benefits Anthropology Majors

Posted by: Heath C. Hoffmann | November 9, 2013 | No Comment |

Anthropology Majors Discovered Buried Treasures

Caitlin Stone discovered the remnants of a soup bowl that measured 16 inches wide. Sarah Elgradawy pulled a skull out of a tomb built somewhere around 2,000 years ago. The senior anthropology students both excavated gravesites this past summer, though they were half a world apart when completing their digs. Stone was busy investigating human remains around an old Italian monastery, while Elgradawy worked in the thin air of Peru’s Andean highlands to map an ancient settlement.

Each of their trips was helped made possible by the Catherine Wood Parker Scholarship, which was created by Parker’s daughter, Chris Heidenreich, to honor her mother’s interest in education and anthropology. Parker, who attended Vassar College before eventually moving back to South Carolina, was a regular volunteer at the Charleston Museum. She passed away in 1995. Read more…

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