Printing in Addlestone

Follow these steps to print from the workstations in the Addlestone Library or Education Center atrium

Note: you must log in to the workstation using your own MyCharleston credentials. If you attempt to use a workstation another user has logged into (e.g. using a computer someone else has left without restarting), then you won’t be able to release your documents.

  1. Click Print. In most programs, this option is found under the File menu.
  2. Select CofC-CloudPrint if it is not already selected.
  3. Click Print.
  4. You will receive a notification that your document has been sent to the print server.
  5. Go to any of of the “planet” printers in the Addlestone Library (each has a flag with a different planet’s name) or either of the printers in the Education Center atrium.
  6. Login at the release station next to that printer with your MyCharleston username and password.
  7. Click Print for the jobs you still want to print. Jobs left in the queue are removed after three hours.