Mobility Print for Windows

Follow the steps below to print from your Windows device. Mobility Print supports Windows 7 and newer.

Note: you must be connected to the eduroam wireless network to configure the printer and to use this feature.  CofC-Guest and Resnet cannot be used to connect to our printers.

Note: On some systems, you must be connected with an Ethernet cable to the campus network to configure the printer. After this first-time setup, you don’t need a cable to print.  It’s only for the configuration step of the process.  If your computer does not have an Ethernet connection or you have any other questions about this, please visit a Student Computing Support technician in the Addlestone library during our office hours.

  1. Download and run this Mobility Print setup tool.
  2. If clicking on the above link does not start a download, please right click the link and choose “Copy link address”.  Open a new tab and paste the address into the search bar manually.
  3. On the License Agreement screen, click Next.
  4. Select CofC‑CloudPrint; then click Next.
  5. Enter your MyCharleston username and password when prompted, then click next
  6. Click finish.

The steps above only need to be performed once. Afterwards, simply print your document as your normally would, making sure to select CofC‑CloudPrint as the printer.

Once your document has been sent to the print server, it can be printed from any release station in the Addlestone Library or the Education Center atrium, just like documents sent from computer lab workstations.