About Printing Allocations

At the start of each semester (Fall, Spring, and Maymester), students receive an allocation of 300 free impressions (i.e. $15 credit). A few notes about this allocation:

  • Your printing allocation only applies to the black & white student printers in the Addlestone Library computer lab.  It cannot be used with the color printer, which costs .35 per impression or the public printer, which is .10 per page in the Addlestone computer lab.
  • Your allocation resets each semester. There is no rollover.
  • If you use up your print allocation, additional printing costs 5¢ per page, payable in Cougar Cash automatically at time of print.
    • Important: If your free printing is exhausted, additional printing will deduct Cougar Cash without additional notification
    • Note: If you have exhausted your free printing allocation for the semester and pay for a print job with Cougar Cash, any refund for technical issues will be directed to your printing allocation, not back to Cougar Cash.

Important: Be sure to print preview! Print jobs will  only be reprinted in the event of technical problems. We do not reprint in the event of problems caused by the user, so be sure your document looks the way you want it to before printing it.