OAKS Login Changes

Starting July 6th, there will be login changes to OAKS in a continuing effort to bring authentication continuity across College systems and to improve our security profile.

How does this affect me?
After the update, you will be required to use your CofC email address (e.g. user@g.cofc.edu ) and COUGARS password for login credentials. The login screen will be slightly different (see screenshot below). Please note, if you are logged into any other Office 365 resources within your active browser, you will not be asked to sign in again and will automatically be directed to the OAKS home screen.

New Login Screen:

Self-Service Password Reset
Upon first log in you may be promoted to set up self-service password reset, if you haven’t done so previously.   For more information on self-service password reset, please visit http://password.cofc.edu/