Extended Researched Analysis

Final Project: Extended Researched Analysis

The Extended Researched Analysis will be produced in three parts:

1. Annotated Bibliography
5% of course grade
due Friday April 3 at 11pm in OAKS
revision due Thursday, April 9 at 11pm in OAKS

2. Paper Proposal
3% of course grade
due Wednesday April 15 at 11pm in OAKS)

3. Analytical Research Paper
24% of course grade
required draft due Thursday April 23 at 10:30am in OAKS [complete draft=10% of grade on paper]
final paper due Monday April 27 at 11pm in OAKS

I encourage you to perform the preliminary research during the week of March 22, so you can generate a viable topic by Friday March 27 (which you may turn in for 2 extra points on your final paper grade). The annotated bibliography is due a week later (April 3), and an annotated bibliography takes a good week to produce. After you turn in your annotated bibliography, you’ll have another week to come up with your detailed plan for your paper, including your central guiding thesis, method, and key areas of attention, which is due April 10 in the form of a project proposal. I will quickly get your annotated bibliographies back to you with comments and suggestions to help in that process. Then, you’ll have a week and a half to write the draft of the paper (getting some quick feedback from me on your proposal) and 4 days to revise before turning in the final version of the paper.

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