New Perspective of the Crucifixion

I found The Dream of the Rood very interesting and emotional.  The poem begins from the point of view of a man who then dreams of the cross that Jesus died on speaks to him.  The perspective of the cross is a unique and emotional first “person” point of view of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The cross tells of the brutal experience of being “ripped up from [its] roots” and being forced to “bear their criminals” (30-31).  It tells of the painful and sorrowful experience of the cross’s first hand experience with Christ’s death, in which the cross is covered in Jesus’s blood as it witnesses the evil men nail Jesus to itself and die. Its dialogue uses powerful words to portray the experience, calling Jesus “bone-weary” and itself “standing drenched in blood, all shot through with arrows” (62-63).    The story is filled with sorrow and pain on both the cross’s part and Jesus’s.  Not only does the cross tell the story of Jesus’s death but also of the cross’s burial and recovery.  In a way the cross’s story parallels Jesus’s.  The cross suffered and was buried and then is recovered and honored.  The perspective given by the first person point of view is very interesting because I had never read the story of Jesus’s death from any perspective other than the common versions in The Bible.  The cross explains that it was recovered, adorned with gold, honored, and rose up to heaven where it is eternally with God.  The cross’s dialogue ends with a moral lesson, telling the dreamer that God has the judgment and that those who are worthy will rise up to heaven like the cross had.  This tale shares an emotional and unique perspective that adds a new kind of emotion because it describes the pain of being a part of the crucifixion of the cross’s savior.

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