Religious Themes in Pearl

This poem followed more of the themes I thought that medieval poetry would be like before entering into this coarse.  Many of the poems that we have read so far have deep religious tones to them but Pearl is overtly religious and is centralized around Jesus, St. John, and Mary as much if not more than the dreamer or his daughter.  There is a clear push for living a good life in order to reach the joy and paradise found in the poem.  A good example of the morals the poem tries to convey is in stanza 72 which says, “Concerning death, where hope is best/fear of death the Lamb puts to rest,/At Mass He heaps on happiness…”  This theme is again and again emphasized.

One thought on “Religious Themes in Pearl

  1. I found the religious theme and overall “feeling” not only interesting but very congruent with the medieval ages. Along with theological ideas, I think this poem also taps into philosophical and historical angles as well. There seemed to be a great emphasis on allegory and it’s key features through out this poem with dreams the vision of New Jerusalem. I am looking forward to talking about this in class as I have always been interested in religious opinion and expression especially during other time periods.

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