Emotional Reactions

Similarly to my peers, I found the article by Evans to be an interesting read. I was familiar with the idea that many emotions are culturally shared, like fear and disgust, but the revelation of cultural specific emotions certainly came as a surprise. Initially, I found it difficult to accept “feeling like a pig,” as a genuine emotion, instead of simply an elaborate coping mechanism for the mentioned financial difficulties that often accompany the phenomena. However, this is likely due to my own indoctrinated Western ideas on what can be accepted as genuine emotion. The article successfully convinced me that Western emotions arise from needs in society, similarly to the Gururumba people’s peculiar response to financial stresses. Additionally, the information regarding higher cognitive emotions was also new to me, which came as a surprise given that much of my education has been in liberal arts, which is often associated with expressed emotion. I agree with the class assertion that analyzing emotion indeed has a place in the English classroom, and is currently underrepresented.

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